Bill 177, Stronger, Fairer Ontario Act (Budget Measures), 2017

Sousa, Hon Charles Minister of Finance

Current Status: Consideration by Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs

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Debates and Progress

First Reading

November 14, 2017


Second Reading

November 20, 2017 

Principal Debaters:

Hon. Charles Sousa, Mr. Yvan Baker, Mr. Bill Walker

Questions and Comments

Ms. Lisa MacLeod, Ms. Catherine Fife, Hon. Liz Sandals, Mr. Randy Pettapiece, Mr. Bob Delaney, Mr. Norm Miller, Miss Monique Taylor

November 22, 2017 

Principal Debaters:

Mr. John Vanthof, Mr. Victor Fedeli

Questions and Comments

Mr. Yvan Baker, Mr. Todd Smith, Ms. Catherine Fife, Ms. Ann Hoggarth, Mr. Michael Harris, Ms. Cindy Forster

November 23, 2017

Principal Debaters:

Hon. Mitzie Hunter, Hon. Jeff Leal, Mr. Han Dong, Mr. Lorne Coe, Ms. Catherine Fife, Hon. Michael Coteau, Hon. Dipika Damerla

Questions and Comments

Mr. Jim McDonell, Ms. Teresa J. Armstrong, Mr. Robert Bailey, Mr. Peter Tabuns, Mr. Yvan Baker, Mrs. Gila Martow, Mr. John Vanthof, Mr. Arthur Potts, Mr. Jim McDonell, Mrs. Gila Martow

November 27, 2017 

Principal Debaters:

Mr. Randy Hillier

Questions and Comments

Miss Monique Taylor, Mr. Yvan Baker, Mrs. Gila Martow, Ms. Peggy Sattler

Time Allocation

November 28, 2017 

Hon. Marie-France Lalonde, Mr. Victor Fedeli, Mrs. Lisa Gretzky, Mr. Steve Clark, Ms. Jennifer K. French, Ms. Teresa J. Armstrong, Mr. Paul Miller, Mr. Jim Wilson, Mr. Yvan Baker

November 28, 2017 (Continued)

Vote deferred. 

November 29, 2017

Carried on recorded division. 

November 30, 2017

Vote deferred.

November 30, 2017

Carried on recorded division. Referred to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs pursuant to the order of the House. 


Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs 

December 7, 2017

December 11, 2017 

Third Reading

Royal Assent

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