A petition is a request that the Parliament of Ontario take some specific action (or refrain from taking some action) to redress a public grievance. This three step guide will assist individuals and organizations in ensuring that a petition meets all the requirements for presentation to the Legislative Assembly.


The Government's Response to a Petition

Within 24 sitting days of the day on which the presentation of the petition is recorded, the government is required to file a response.

The response is delivered to the Clerk of the House and to the MPP who presented the petition.

The Clerk maintains an index of all petitions that have been presented to the Legislative Assembly during a given Parliamentary Session. This index contains the following information:

  • A brief description of the subject of the petition
  • The date the petition was presented
  • The name of the MPP who submitted the petition
  • The date upon which a response to the petition was received by the Clerk