A petition is a request that the Parliament of Ontario take some specific action (or refrain from taking some action) to redress a public grievance. This three step guide will assist individuals and organizations in ensuring that a petition meets all the requirements for presentation to the Legislative Assembly.


Presentation of a Petition

It is the responsibility of the petitioner(s) to arrange for a Member of the Legislative Assembly to present a petition.

Any Member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, other than a Cabinet Minister or the Speaker of the House may present a petition.

The Chief Government Whip may present petitions on behalf of Cabinet Ministers.

If a petition meets all of the requirements for admissibility, it may be presented to the Legislature in one of two ways:

Presentation directly to the House

During any regular daytime meeting of the Legislative Assembly, MPPs are given the opportunity to present petitions by reading them aloud to the Members assembled. Such presentation will be recorded in the official record of debates (Hansard) as well as in the official record of proceedings (Votes and Proceedings).

Tabling a petition with the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly

At any time during a Parliamentary Session, an MPP may file a petition with the Clerk of the House. Such presentation will only be recorded in the Votes and Proceedings.